Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rangers Game

I am a Rangers fan by association.  April, Lara, and Cinnamon are the biggest Rangers fans I know!  :)  Lara and April attended Opening Day on Friday, and then I went to my first game of the season on Saturday of Opening Weekend with April, Lara, Cinnamon, and Erin.

I have really tried to learn baseball lingo over the last few years, but I'm still not very good at it!  April has to tell me when it is "towel time", and I mostly just like the atmosphere!
Lara and I were the only ones into taking pictures that night!  
It was a good game, though! The Rangers won, and there were fireworks afterwards!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I decided to go home kind of last minute for Easter weekend, but I don't think I have ever missed an Easter weekend with my family, so I didn't want to miss it!

On Saturday, I went to Connor's t-ball scrimmage.  He was so cute, and his age grow (5-6 years) is so fun to watch.  He was on the pitching mound, and he had been telling his friends, "I've been on the pitching mound for 5 years."  Little stinker!
He did a really great job throwing and of course practicing his slide into home base.  He tends to get bored really easily, though, so we caught him standing around with his arms folded a lot waiting for the action.  :)

After the game, we went to Melissa's and Tony's for Easter fun.  We played outside with some toys Mom got them - jump ropes, skip its, and Easter chalk stencils.  It was such a pretty day, and those kids love being outside!  

We dyed eggs outside, too, and did an Easter egg hunt in the yard.  

Tony grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone.  It was a great day with plenty of sunshine!

On Sunday, I met Mom and Dad at church, and then we went to Randy and Alicia's house for lunch.  It had been pouring all morning, so we had to do Grandmommy's annual egg hunt for the kids inside this year.

I love my family and our traditions!  I can't wait to add another niece or nephew to the mix soon!!