Saturday, November 28, 2015

Decorating for Christmas

It is so fun to have a house to decorate for Christmas this year!  I have had to resist buying so many new things, though!

I absolutely love the glow of a Christmas tree!  

 Love, love the natural, rustic Christmas look!  

Love having a mantle to decorate this year!

 My Baylor Christmas Tree 

 all of my travel ornaments 

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!  


Before the Thanksgiving break, we had our annual Friendsgiving dinner at Babe's.  It is always good to eat yummy food with the sweetest friends!  Thankful for them!

During the first weekend of the break, mom and dad came to my house to help me hang stuff.  Mom is much more patient with that kind of stuff, and I have been putting off putting any holes in the wall!  She helped me hang several things, and it is starting to look more like a home around here.  Thanks, mom and dad!

We have been talking about taking family pictures as mom and dad's Christmas present for years, and it never happens.  This year, we decided that since baby Kamdyn is here, it would be a perfect year to do it.  After much talk about coordinating outfits, we settled on a color scheme and crossed our fingers that the kiddos would cooperate for a few good shots.  I think they turned out really well!

 The Original 5 

Love my crazy family!

We all spent a lot of time snuggling this cute little one over the break!  I can't get enough of her rolls and sweet cheeks!

We had our annual dinner with the extended family at Randy and Alicia's house on Wednesday night.  We ventured away from the traditional Mexican Stackup for Mexican casseroles.  It is always fun to see those cousins.  There were little ones running around everywhere!  Kamdyn was kind of the star of the show, though! :)

On Thursday, we had Thanksgiving lunch at our house.  Mom worked hard on getting all the food cooked, and it was a yummy meal!

On Friday, we went to the Polar Express.   Between the Vinings, Heidi and Ryan's kids, and our family, we had a whole train car full!  The kids had fun singing along to the Christmas carols, drinking hot chocolate, seeing the North Pole, and taking pictures with Santa!

It was a great Thanksgiving break with my sweet family!  I am looking forward to Christmas break already!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tennison's 3rd Birthday

Sweet Tennison had been talking about her birthday party for months!  She knew she was having a petting zoo party, and she was so excited about the pony.   We all went over to Melissa and Tony's house Saturday night for dinner.  Mom and dad let Tennison open one of her presents, and she got a pony set complete with a barn, barrels for barrel racing, and little cowgirls.  She was precious playing with it, yelling "yeeehaaw" as she played.  Love her!   

The party was in Bullard on Sunday afternoon, and they had a petting zoo, a pavilion for eating cake and opening gifts, some games, and a bounce house.  Tennison had a lot of family and friends there!   She had so much fun!  I loved seeing her get so excited about her cake and gifts, and that girl got to ride the pony at least 6 times!  I adore her!!  

Sweet baby Kamdyn was able to come to the party, too!  She is just so squishy and loveable.  I am so blessed to have little nieces and nephews (who aren't so little anymore) to love on! 


We decided we would go play Top Golf on Halloween night, and since it was Halloween, we had to have a costume!  This was about as cheap and simple as we could get, but several people commented on our outfits and wanted a picture! :)  I had never played Top Golf before, but I loved it.   Though I believe my putt-putt skills may be slightly better than my Top Golf skills, it was still a fun night with sweet friends!

Happy Halloween from the Social Media girls!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Meeting Baby Kamdyn

Kristen went into labor on a Wednesday, September 30th.  I had planned to go home that weekend, but Kamdyn came a little early.  It was so hard not being there, but I got to facetime her in the hospital!

I went home that weekend, but KK and Bret were still at the hospital with Kamdyn.  Kamdyn had low blood sugar, so they had changed her formula and were monitoring it for a couple of days.  We spent some time with them in the hospital, and then they got to go home Saturday night.

I have facetimed my sweet baby niece every day since.  She loves it! ;)

This weekend I decided to go home for a night since we have Monday off.  I went home Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday after lunch.  I got to hold baby Kamdyn a lot!  She is so squishy and cute!  Love, love, love her!!

Seriously?!  How can you not love these rolls?!  
Kudos to my sister for taking this pic and so many other cute ones!  I can't wait to see all of them from their newborn session!