Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gender Reveal Party

This weekend we had Kristen's and Bret's gender reveal party!!  I had so much fun getting ready for it.  I love an excuse to plan a party! :)

I found the idea for confetti poppers on Pinterest, ordered some from Amazon, and spray painted them and decorated them to match the theme.

Kristen and Bret went to the doctor on Wednesday to find out the sex, but they had the nurse put it in an envelope and not say anything.   When we got to Melissa's house on Saturday, they gave the envelope to Tony, and I gave him pink and blue confetti.  He was the only one to know so that he could fill the poppers.  

We had everyone take a picture with the "boy" or "girl" sign for their vote.  A lot of people thought it was a boy!  I kind of thought it was a boy, too, but I stuck to my vote for a little girl!


We went outside to pop the confetti poppers. 
I was a little bummed that you can't see the confetti very well in the video, but we could tell instantly, and you can hear the screams!  I think Kristen and Bret were in shock!  

They wanted to announce the name that afternoon, as well.  My newest niece will be Kamdyn Elizabeth Swinney.  I love her so much already!!  

We ate food, chatted, and let the kids play on the water slide.  It was a fun party for an exciting time in their lives!  I can't wait to meet sweet Kamdyn!!

That night, Bret and Kristen went to see a movie and Tony and dad went to see a different movie, so mom and I hung out with Melissa and the kids.  I know I am a little biased, but my nephews are seriously the cutest and sweetest little boys.  I love their innocence and pure hearts.  They wanted to read with us and do some math with me.  I promise I didn't make them do the math! :)

Connor has been doing math "in his head" that is definitely above anything he is learning in school, so I wanted to try get a glimpse into his thinking and how he manipulates the numbers.  This is what we are trying to teach teachers to understand and foster with those children who do not have number sense as naturally.  I just love witnessing little brains at work.

We read a book about sharks together, because Connor loves sharks!  Tyler bought it for his brother at the book fair because he knows he loves them.  So sweet!!!!  We got a kick out of the sting ray being named "Billy Ray-Ray" in the book and started saying it over and over.  I just LOVE their giggles and smiles.

There is nothing better than family, and I am so thankful for mine!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


The last few weeks in pictures...

Mi Cocina to celebrate Amy's birthday!

Mexican food and frozen yogurt with sweet friends!

Sitting on the lawn enjoying the sunshine and country music!

Seeing Sam Hunt, Hunter Hayes, and Lady Antebellum
Jennifer, me, Alicia with baby Libby, Brooke and Brier
Celebrating Brier's 1st Birthday

BOLTers at the Run for Life 5K in Coppell!
WOD after the 5K in humid, humid weather!  These girls are STRONG!