Sunday, June 29, 2014


People always ask if leaving is hard.
Being home is harder.  

The first few days back my heart feels like a huge part of it was left behind.  It is a hard feeling to describe because it entails so many emotions.  
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I feel so blessed to have spent 2 weeks with precious vulnerable and orphan children and their teachers, to hear their stories, to see their joy despite struggles, and to love on them daily.  I am humbled that God chose me to go and to play a small part in His bigger plan for their lives.  It was truly an amazing trip, and I can't wait to share more about what God is doing in Zambia!  

-that I will adjust back to life here but continue to be sensitive to what God is teaching me
-that my eyes will be open to ways to serve the poor and the fatherless around me, not just in Zambia
-the Zambian teachers we mentored - that they will continue to grow as educators and love on and nurture those precious children
-the children we taught - that they will feel important, valued, and loved by their Creator
-the ladies that are still in Zambia and will do the 2nd Teach ONE trip - that they will have renewed strength and rest, that they will develop relationships with their teachers quickly and that the teachers will be receptive to the knew knowledge

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