Friday, July 17, 2015

The Thompson Wedding

The week of the wedding, we tried to help Cinnamon with last minute wedding details to try to help relieve any stress.  When she showed us her To-Do list on her phone, and kept scrolling down and down, we thought we might step in! :)  We helped print table numbers, run errands, and tie ribbons on the sparklers.

At the last minute, we even had to help find communion glasses and a tray at the Dollar Store, because as Cinnamon would say, "Who doesn't buy their wedding communion glasses at the Dollar Tree?"

We had the Bridal Luncheon at the Chocolate Angel in Richardson.  It is such a cute place.  I loved all of the decorations!  It was a sweet morning celebrating Cinnamon and praying for her new life with Mike.

After the Bridal Luncheon, we headed to Oscar Nails in Plano to get manicures and pedicures.

After a quick practice walking down the aisle and learning where to stand in the chapel, we headed to Blue Mesa for the rehearsal dinner.  The food was yummy, the slideshow was cute, and the speeches were funny and meaningful.  There were a lot of people who love Cinnamon and Mike all in one room together!

Most of us went to get our hair done at Salon on the Creek that morning.

Billie has been cutting my hair since I moved to Coppell, so probably for almost 7 years!!  I introduced Cinnamon to her a few years ago, and we both love her.  She is the sweetest Christian lady, and it takes someone special to put up with the thickness of my hair!  She said I am her number one client in amount of hair! :)  I don't usually wear my hair up, but I trusted her to do an up-do.  She knows that if I try to curl it and wear it down, it usually ends up like "Easter Sunday" when I was 7.

Things got real after Cinnamon put her veil in!!!

We finished our hair a little early, so we headed back to Cinnamon's and Lindsey's apartment to chill for a few minutes before we could get into the church.

Once we got to the church, we spent some time getting ready, snapping pictures with the awesome photographer, and hanging out with our single friend for just a little bit longer! :)

6:00 finally rolled around.  It was time!

The wedding was gorgeous, and everything went well!  The music was pretty, the flowers were gorgeous, and Cinnamon looked absolutely beautiful!

My parents came in town for the wedding, and for the first time, we had the Stantons, Mintons, Masseys, and Hodges all in one room!

Of course we had to document this!   After hearing about all of their conversations, though, it might be the last time we let them all get together!!!  ;)

The reception was fun and so sweet!  We had Babe's chicken...yum!!  There was dancing, a cute little story by the DJ about how Cinnamon and Mike met and fell in love, and a newlywed game.

What a fun night celebrating our sweet friend and her HUSBAND!  I am so glad that God brought her just the right one at just the right time!  Love you, Mrs. Hodges!

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