Saturday, August 8, 2015

House Progress

I couldn't wait for the contractor to get started on the house!  Everything happened so quickly, so I had two days to pick out a paint color.  I never knew there were so many grays!  There are ones with blue tints, green tints, purple tints, and beige tints.  I knew I wanted a true gray, and it had to be light enough to do the whole house.

I picked out a couple of colors I liked and decided to fork over the $6 for each sample.  I ended up picking two popular colors that seemed to be all over Pinterest, so I felt good about it.  

I first chose Repose Gray and told my contractor to go ahead and then changed my mind at the last second.  I bumped it up one on the swatch and went with Mindful Gray.  I am so glad I did!  I love how the color turned out!  It already looked so much better with a fresh coat of paint everywhere!

After the paint, they started working on the counters.  My contractor had said he could get me a remnant piece of quartz since it was such a small amount of counters.  I was so excited because it normally would have cost almost double than what we had budgeted for the granite.  When he brought the sample piece by, I immediately didn't like it.  It was too yellow.

I cried.  It was the first of many tears throughout this process!  It was a lot more stressful and draining than I realized.  After some talking, Sal, my contractor, came through with a beautiful piece of white/gray quartz that I love!  

They built a closet for me where there used to be a wasted space created by a jut in the wall.  They added some shelves, and it looks great!  It looks like it was always there, and it gave me a lot more closet space that I needed.

The bathtub, new sinks, and faucets went in.

They put up subway tile, and then they began tiling the floor.  They are ALMOST done!!!!  They have to come back to do more texture on the walls and then finish painting and touching up.  I am SO ready for there not to be people in my house every day!  I am so blessed, but it has been exhausting.  I can't wait to clean off the thick layer of dust on everything and see it all put together.

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