Saturday, November 28, 2015


Before the Thanksgiving break, we had our annual Friendsgiving dinner at Babe's.  It is always good to eat yummy food with the sweetest friends!  Thankful for them!

During the first weekend of the break, mom and dad came to my house to help me hang stuff.  Mom is much more patient with that kind of stuff, and I have been putting off putting any holes in the wall!  She helped me hang several things, and it is starting to look more like a home around here.  Thanks, mom and dad!

We have been talking about taking family pictures as mom and dad's Christmas present for years, and it never happens.  This year, we decided that since baby Kamdyn is here, it would be a perfect year to do it.  After much talk about coordinating outfits, we settled on a color scheme and crossed our fingers that the kiddos would cooperate for a few good shots.  I think they turned out really well!

 The Original 5 

Love my crazy family!

We all spent a lot of time snuggling this cute little one over the break!  I can't get enough of her rolls and sweet cheeks!

We had our annual dinner with the extended family at Randy and Alicia's house on Wednesday night.  We ventured away from the traditional Mexican Stackup for Mexican casseroles.  It is always fun to see those cousins.  There were little ones running around everywhere!  Kamdyn was kind of the star of the show, though! :)

On Thursday, we had Thanksgiving lunch at our house.  Mom worked hard on getting all the food cooked, and it was a yummy meal!

On Friday, we went to the Polar Express.   Between the Vinings, Heidi and Ryan's kids, and our family, we had a whole train car full!  The kids had fun singing along to the Christmas carols, drinking hot chocolate, seeing the North Pole, and taking pictures with Santa!

It was a great Thanksgiving break with my sweet family!  I am looking forward to Christmas break already!

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