Sunday, January 10, 2016

December 2015

December is one of my favorite months!  I love coming home to the glow of the Christmas tree, love the time of year at school, and love the anticipation of Christmas with the family!

We wrapped up our Baylor home games with the last game against Texas.  The game was interesting!  We were not playing so great because we had in our 3rd string quarterback who had not played quarterback since high school some 3-4 years ago!  It was terrible to be losing to Texas, especially with some annoying fans around us!  At one point, a huge fight broke out on the field between players and the Baylor players stormed across the field!!  It was crazy!!  After halftime, things picked up a little bit.  We started basically playing without a quarterback!  For a short minute, we thought we had a chance.  We did score, but we didn't end up winning.  It was a sad day for the Bears and a sad way to end the season.  They fought hard, though, and we will always love our Bears!

I went to the Town Center Christmas party since I don't really have a campus Christmas party anymore.  It was good to catch up with TCE people, and I am so thankful that they still accept me as part of the group!  

Love these silly and sweet friends!!  We had fun at the photo booth!  #dreamteam 

On the last Friday of school before Christmas break, it has become tradition for us to go to McKinney to celebrate!  It was the girls + Mike.  He is always a great sport to endure our conversations and silliness!  We met at Cinnammon's and Mike's house to see their cutely decorated house for Christmas then headed to dinner at Spoons.  We ended the night with getting to pie from Emporium Pies and ate it at their house while watching the newest episode of Fixer Upper.  It was a great night welcoming Christmas break! :) 

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