Friday, July 14, 2017

June 2017

The school year ended the last week of June.  On the last day of school, Chantel, Angela, and I ordered strombolis that we jokingly referred to as "babies".  We have made such a great team this year, and I am thankful for their friendship and what they have taught me about leadership.  

After the kids were gone, I had to work another week.  Chantel took Angela and I to lunch at Anamia's on our last official work day.  

Penny Tramel was the principal who hired me at Town Center 9 years ago.  Her latest position was Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Coppell, but she accepted a new position in College Station.  So many of my original Town Center friends are still in the district, but all spread out around different roles.  We wanted to all come together to celebrate Penny and to send her off with lots of love and hugs.  

Look at the legacy she leaves!  

I will forever be grateful for the chance she took on me as a first year teacher and for landing a job at Town Center.  I made some of my true lifelong friends there, and I can't imagine having been anywhere else.  Penny taught me how to lead with high expectations and to continue to be a lifelong learner.  She will forever be a HUGE piece of who I am as an educator!  

The summer always consists of lots of eating out and friend time!  Eating out is usually followed by Target, or in this case TJMaxx/Homegoods! :) 

 Josh and Shelby have been members of Crossfit Bolt for many years.  They are two of the sweetest people, and I always love working out with them.  They are moving on to a new adventure in New Mexico, however, so we had a send off dinner for them at Twisted Root.  

 Chantel and I went to TEPSA in Austin the first week of summer to accept our National School of Character Award and attend the conference.  

She can always find some trouble to get into! 

 One of our teachers, Kamille, got married in Lewisville, so we got to attend the wedding.  

It was fun seeing all of our FamiLEE members and catch up on summer travels and activities.  

The biggest news of June was our Lara Leigh getting engaged!!  We were so excited to celebrate her and Michael!  We had a small get-together at my house to say congratulations and hear the proposal story.  I can't wait for all things wedding planning! :) 

The next few pictures are just SOME of the progression it took for us to get in position for the picture!  Love these friends! 

We celebrated April's 32nd birthday (I have been trying to make her 32 for several months now!) at Taverna Rossa.  The pizza and dessert were delicious!  

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