Sunday, June 16, 2013


I have the opportunity to bring gifts to several people while I am in Zambia.  I am bringing a small gift to the teacher with whom I will be working, and a few things to my sponsored child Queen.  I am also bringing school supplies and children's books to leave with the class where I will be teaching. 

The classrooms at the Lifeway Christian Academies have so much compared to the community schools, but they still have a need for supplies.  I am bringing pens, pencils, dry erase markers, scissors, sharpies, tape, etc.  I know it will be such a blessing to the teacher and students. 

Picking out a few of my favorite children's books was a hard task!  First of all, I have too many favorites.  Then, I analzyed every book I picked up.  I wondered if they would relate to it, if they would have any background knowledge or schema for the content that was inside, etc.  I know they will probably enjoy anything I bring, but I wanted to make the best picks.  I can't wait to read these with them! :) 
For Queen, I found a few things I thought she would like.  My sweet mom made her a bag to put the gifts in.  I think that I will be visiting Queen at her school one day.  Because I do not want the other children to feel left out, having a bag to put her gifts in will make it a little more discrete.  It is hard for the children to understand why some never get to meet their sponsors, why some are never sponsored, etc.  I want Queen to know how special she is, though, and I hope she enjoys these small gifts brought with lots of love!

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