Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week Two

During our second week at school, we continued to teach reading and phonics and provide feedback for the teachers.  We slowly let them take back over and observed them as they taught.
Amos and Mapalo, 2 of my Grade 2 students 

sweet little Kebby 

a sweet scene - These kids did not want to go outside for break.
They wanted to stay inside and read with Miss G!

precious little Zindaba!  Cutie!!!  

some sweet Grade 2 girls 
We also worked on the book room in the office.  They had gotten a delivery of new textbooks, but it is hard for them to sort through them and know which level they are.  They are leveled for the United States grade-levels, but this does not match up to where there students are.  We tried to make it very simple for them and created a system of just "easy, intermediate, advanced, very advanced".  We put the readers in plastic baggies and labeled them so they could just come grab what they needed, and we sorted all of the extra supplies.  Hopefully this new system will make it easy for them to use and to expose the students to more reading material.  They are supposed to be getting more shelves and will hopefully have a small "library" soon.

some of my Grade 2 sweeties 

reading with Grade 6 kids 
One day, the video guys were there, and they wanted to capture a shot of the kids looking up and waving at the camera.  They brought in a drone to fly over the kids.  When they saw it, they were in awe and were jumping around waving and screaming!  We organized them into lines in the courtyard, and we let them wave at the camera and say, "We are the next 50 years of Zambia!"  It was cute watching them get so excited!

Other Highlights of Week Two:
*watching some of the Tree of Life girls do a ballet dance.  It was so precious and had us in tears again!
*having teachers from 2 other areas of the city come and observe us and talk with us about reading strategies
*eating out at Taco Hut with everyone - their version of Mexican food
*getting to hear about the new River of Life Medical Center opening soon and hear Dr. Guffy speak - He is the only pediatric infections disease specialist in the country, and he will be working for Family Legacy.  God is good!
*getting to hear the vision for the secondary schools they hope to open next year so that our Grade 8 and above students do not have to attend government schools
*spending some time at Camp Life on Friday - seeing the Legacy Center packed with kids and Americans all singing sweet songs about Jesus then seeing each person release a balloon into the air saying, "We are the next 50 years of Zambia!"
*visiting the Tree of Life, seeing some of my students from last year, and getting to see Kenley's office and see her in action

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