Saturday, July 5, 2014


Saturday we had such a fun and relaxing day!  We went to Chaminuka on a safari.  The drive there was an adventure in itself.  There was about a 10 mile red dirt road leading to the entrance, and I have never seen bumps and potholes like the ones we went over.  I think we almost gave each other bruises from grabbing onto each other, trying not to hit our heads on the ceiling!

The safari was great!  We saw elephants, giraffes, zebra, antelopes, and even cows!  It was so funny to see a whole area of cows in the African bush!  The drive across the land in the jeep is just so relaxing.



 After the safari, we ate lunch at the buffet there.  It was so yummy!

They had asked us if we wanted to do the cheetah walk for $30 more, and we all said sure!  No one really explained it, so I just assumed we were going on a walk to look at cheetahs.  I had no idea we would be walking it on a leash!  It was such a neat experience!

There were 2 cheetahs, and we got to just pet them as they were lying down first.  You had to approach them from behind, and they liked to be petted on their heads and around the ears.  They would purr, and I am pretty sure I put mine to sleep.  Since they were pretty young, they were very playful.  Amanda's and Diana's both turned around and bit them on the leg.  It was very playful, but Diana did have a bruise to show for it! :)

"Hey guys.  Remember that time the cheetah bit me?"

After that, we all got a turn to walk it on the leash.  It was crazy!  If they heard noises in the bush, they would want to pull you that way, but other than that, they were pretty slow and tame as you walked.

At the end of our time, the trainers let them go into the bush, and they took off running so fast.  That made me remember they aren't just tame animals but have natural instincts, too!

After all of our Lion King references during the safari, we had to watch that movie when we got home.  Kenley, Alicia, and Kathryn brought over their projector and computer, and we set up the movie on the wall in our house.  They made cookies and brownies, and we enjoyed a relaxing evening just hanging out.  I'm so thankful for them and their servant hearts!
love these friends!

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