Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Rest of March

We met Amy and sweet Hannah at McAlister's one night for dinner.  It is always fun to catch up and to see that sweet little girl, too!  After dinner, we went to Dairy Queen for free ice cream cone day, and apparently everyone in Coppell had the same idea!  We spent like 10 minutes just trying to get into a parking spot!  Anything for free ice cream! :)

During the week after Spring Break, I had to attend a conference for work in Houston Wednesday through Friday.  At the last minute,  the other math coach Diana could not go, so Brooke took her place.  I knew it was going to be hard for her to leave her baby girl for a couple of nights, but I was SO glad she went!  I miss working with my "teaching soulmate" so much this year!!  We just work so well together and think on the same page all the time.  Maybe one day we will get to work directly together again!  On the way to Houston, I happened to think about texting Tori!  She lives in the Woodlands area now, but I figured it would be out of the way or too last minute.  We happened to be 30 minutes from her house when I texted her.  It was only like 10 minutes out of the way, so we stopped by her house.  I got to see her and her precious girls for just a few minutes before we had to get back on the road.  It was a really short visit, but I was SO glad to see her!! I wish I had taken a picture with her!

We try to make an effort to have old team dinners at least every few weeks, but with the craziness of Spring break and the snow days, it had been awhile since our last one.  We met at the usual JMacklin's, and baby Brier got to join us this time!  I LOVE laughing and catching up with these sweet friends, and I miss seeing them every day!!

We celebrated the Crossfit Open on Saturday, March 28th.  The Open is 5 weeks of workouts.  Last year I was only able to do the last one because of my back injury.  This year, I was determined to do the Open simply just because I could.  I may not have done that well with my scores, but it is always fun to compete alongside everyone at Bolt, and it is great to be part of the larger crossfit community.  We celebrated after 15.5 with a cookout and lots of pictures in the photo booth              

Cassidy was also in town and got to join us for the workout!  It was great to see her...the 8th fittest woman in the world!  We are ready to cheer her on to the Games again!

We celebrated Cinnamon's 31st birthday on a Sunday night by going to the Bishop Arts District.
We knew Emporium Pies would be closing soon, so we stopped there to get pies to go to take home and eat later.  I got the "Smooth Operator" chocolate pie.  So good!  
We ate dinner at the Dallas Grilled Cheese company.  I had a grilled cheese with bacon and dijon mustard,  It was all yummy!


I always love my time with these sweet friends.  They make me laugh!!  Happy 31st birthday, Cinnamon!!

And March...that's a wrap!  I am SO glad the longer days are here and that it has been warm and sunny!  I look forward to more sundresses, wedges, and 80 degree temperatures!  I can feel summer getting closer by the day!

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