Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Coming Home

July 6th

We left Saturday morning at 6:00am and flew to London.  We stayed the night at the Sofitel and then flew out from there about 11:45 the next morning.  It was a little surreal being on the plane and knowing it was over.  I was ready to see family and friends, but it was a strange feeling that what I had been thinking about, praying about, and planning for so long was already coming to a close.  It had seemed so far away, then it came and went so quickly.  
We made it!
I am SO glad I made the choice to go, but I know I left a piece of my heart in Zambia.
When I returned, people kept saying, "It must have been hard to leave".  My answer was always "Yes, but it was harder to be back."  It didn't really hit me until the day after I returned home.  I cried a few times that day, just overcome with emotion about what God is doing there and how it changed my perspective.  I hope that I am able to return next summer and to see some of
those precious kiddos again!  They forever changed my heart!

Some of the reflection questions I wrote about on the plane:

For me, Zambia means:
-precious faces of children with which I can now connect names and stories
-stories of heartache, poverty, suffering, and pain
-stories of rescue from that pain and suffering
-home for my sponsored child
-the place I first did international missions
-a place of hope for thousands of kids being rescued
-a place God is really working and saving lives
-a place which will now forever be part of my heart

When I think of leaving, I feel:
-sad to leave the children
-guilt for returning home to such a comfortable place and so much
-curiosity - Will I be back?
-thankful for how I have been blessed
-grateful for the opportunity
-amazed at how much God is doing there
-empty from giving so much emotionally and physically, yet completely full
-in awe of how big our world is, how many things are going on beyond the bubbles we live in daily. 

God is greater than all of it!  He loves all of His children, and I am so grateful that
I could be a small part of His plan for Zambia.

"Declare His glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all people!"  ~Psalm 96:3


  1. Ashrey, thanks for sharing! I got to re-live our two weeks in Zambia through your precious posts. It already seems so very long ago! Let's strive to remind each other to remember our sweet time there. Blessings! Amy