Sunday, July 14, 2013

Days 5 and 6

June 26th and 27th

I taught math and reading to both Grade 4 and Grade 5, and I was excited to teach math and make it more hand-on!  The lesson was on finding area in Grade 4.  They had been using the formula and working problems on the board.  I could tell they did not understand the concept, only the calculation.  So, the night before, I had spent time cutting out sets of rectangles out of construction paper for them to measure.  I had them work with a partner to measure the length and width with a ruler.  They use rulers a lot in make straight lines!  :)  They are very concerned with neatness.  They had not used the rulers, however, to actually measure!  

They were engaged in the lesson the whole time, and they loved it!  Teacher Mwangala wrote me a very sweet note about how she had learned things from me to keep it more exciting and that she wished I could stay there all year.  That made it all worth it!  


I taught reading and math for Grade 4 and Grade 5 today, and then we dismissed the kids early so they could get ready for the presentation they were doing for the Americans who were here for Camp LIFE.  

We met the kids at Tree of Life, along with the others here for camp.
The kids sang their Tree of Life song to welcome us. 

 Afterwards, they all ran to grab us to show us their homes and school.    
There were about 20 kids who live at the Tree of Life who have had their sponsors drop them recently for one reason or another.  They are still staying at Tree of Life, but they are in need of sponsors now!  Those kids had on green bandannas.  The kids know that they have been dropped, and a lot of them feel like it is because their sponsors do not love them or care about them anymore.  It was so sad!  It sounds like a terrible thing to have them singled out.  The reason they want them to wear the bandannas, however, is so that they can hopefully be sponsored by some of the Americans who are here throughout the summer for camp.  Once people make a connection, relationships are developed, and many of the children actually did get picked up with new sponsors!  

 Kenley decided that she was going to sponsor one who was dropped.  His name is James, and he was in her class all week.  He is such a sweet boy, but very shy!  One of his legs kind of turns out, and he limps.  He has sickle-cell anemia, and he was in a wheelchair and could not walk last year.  He and his brother, Luka, both live at Tree of Life.  Kenley had the joy of getting to go over to James and take off his green bandanna.  She told him she would be his new sponsor!  She said that his heart was beating so fast, and she asked him why.  He said, "I am just so happy!"  It was so sweet!!  She got to then shower him with love and gifts the rest of the week.  
Kenley telling James she is his new sponsor!
Sweet James!
After touring their homes and classrooms, we came back to the cafeteria at the school that is being built.  The kids did a skit, sang a song and played drums, and did a dance.  It was fun to see the kids we had taught all week in the performances.  :)

 I had a really fun time watching the little cutie dance while the older kids were performing!  I missed the part he was really into, but I managed to capture a little on video!

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