Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Days 9 and 10

June 30th and July 1st 

Sunday was a wonderful, relaxing day!  We had our own "church" time with our small teacher group on the porch outside of Amy and Allison's room.  It was a wonderful time of praise and worship, talking, and praying.  It was a great way to start the day!
Not actually that morning, but a cute picture on the porch :)
After our devotion time, we went to lunch at Sugar Bush.  It is SUCH a cute place out in the country.  Clay and his family live in Zambia and work for the ministry full-time.  They said that he manages to find all of the neat places to go in Lusaka! :)  
Sugar Bush had it's own garden, and the food was delicious.  
If it were a restaurant in Dallas, it would be considered very trendy because it is very vintage.  You eat outdoors at cute picnic tables, and they even have a play area for the kids.  

In the front of the house, they have a gift shop with really cute items.  I bought a very cute turquoise bag and a wooden platter for mom and dad.  
After lunch, we went to the Tree of Life just to play with the kids!  It was so fun to just hang out with them.  They were running around on the playground, playing soccer, and just being kids.  
They are so creative with what they play with!  They made a drum!!
They will play with anything they find on the ground...even a shower head!
Zambian children love to sing and dance!!  We got pulled into the circle to do a chant/dance with the girls. 
 Little Evans joined us.  How cute is he!?  If you listen carefully to the very end of the video, they say "Go Ashrey".  I love how they can't say the L in my name.  :)

After a fun afternoon of playing, we headed back to the hotel for dinner.  Our amazing Cynthia cooked dinner.  We had roasted chicken and fresh vegetables from the garden we went to earlier at Sugar Bush.  She spoiled us!! :)

Kathryn had our teacher group over to her house at AmCom for breakfast.  We did not have school that day because it was a Zambian holiday.  Apparently, Zambians love their holidays.  We headed out to Family Legacy's "car park" where they park the containers they ship over from the US.  In Lusaka, they have "car parks".  People do not have places to safely park their cars on the streets, so they pay to park it at a car park where there is a guard then walk home.  The car park is basically just a large area of RED DIRT!  There are many cars there that don't look like they have gone anywhere in a long time.  Some don't even have wheels anymore!  
We unloaded 2 containers FULL of thousands of textbooks.   Each container costs about $20,000 to ship over! These textbooks had been donated because they were out of adoption in Texas.  Sorting them and getting them to the schools has just been too big of a job for Kathryn to do alone, so we were happy to help.  The schools will love having these new readers.  
We worked from 10:00 to 5:00 with an hour lunch break in between at Blue Moon.  There were 8 Zambian guys helping us move the heavy boxes.  We still did not finish!  We took all of the books out, sorted them by titles, counted them, figured out how many we wanted to give to each of the 18 schools, then put them in new piles by school.  It started getting dark, and we were not even close to finished, so we had to load them all back in the container.  I am pretty sure the Zambians thought we were crazy and that we were just moving books from one place to another.  There was a method to our madness, though!  We paid them each 40 Kwacha, which is almost equal to $8 for the entire day.  Seems so little to us, but that was pretty good pay for a day's work.   
When we were finished we were COVERED in red dirt.  I am sure this person doesn't really want this picture posted, but you cannot get a true idea of just how dirty we were unless you see this.  This is what her feet looked like after she took off her socks and shoes! 
 Needless to say, we were exhausted and ready for a shower when we got back!!  We were happy to help Kathryn, though, and we hope that the textbooks are helpful to the teachers! :)  

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