Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Teach ONE Team

Over the course of the summer, 12 teachers will be going to Zambia to serve as mentors for the teachers in Family Legacy's private schools.  Each team of teachers is there 2 weeks, and  couple of the teachers are there all summer to lead the trips.

Our team consisted of me, Kenley, Amy, and Allison.  I worked with Kenley one summer at Baylor for a group called University for Young People, but I had not seen her in years!  I love how God chose to cross our paths again!  We ended up being roommates for the 2 weeks.  :)  Kenley is an assistant principal in Crowley.   

I met Allison and Amy at our Teach ONE meeting in the Spring.  Allison has been to Camp LIFE for 3 years and went on the teacher trip last year, so she helped lead the teacher trip this time.  She teaches kindergarten in Keller, and she works with Amy.  Amy is the school librarian.

Tia is the stateside education coordinator for Family Legacy.  She is there most of the summer, and she was also there in January helping pay school fees for the sponsored children.  She lives in Houston with her family.  I met her at the Teach ONE meeting, as well.  She was the leader of the first teacher trip at a different school, so we did not get a chance to teach together.  One day! :)

Kathryn was a first grade teacher here in the United States before she moved to Zambia 2 years ago to be the Superintendent of Schools.  She has a huge job!  She oversees the 18 schools that Family Legacy operates.  She is wonderful, and she is doing so much for the teachers and children.  Her job, though, is about a 10 person job!  I'm praying for someone to be able to come alongside her to help her accomplish some of the ideas she has for the future of the schools.  I am also praying for qualified teachers for the schools.  Kathryn said that is one of their biggest needs!
Tia, Kathryn, Kenley, Amy, Allison, and Me

We also overlapped one week with 2 teachers that were on the first trip, Karen and Cindy.  They are from Palestine!  Small world...Cindy's daughter-in-law teaches at Bullard High School with my sister!  It took us coming all the way to Zambia to meet! :)  It was fun having them there for a week with us to trade stories with.  They were at a school in one of the compounds, so it was a different experience.  I enjoyed hearing stories like Cindy having to teach swimming strokes outside to the kids even though they have never been in a pool and do not like water!  Zambian curriculum is very random....more on that in another post!

Back Row:  Allison, Kenley, Kathryn, Karen, Cindy   Front Row:  Me, Amy, Tia
I had so much fun getting to know these ladies better over the 2 weeks.  They each have a heart for the Lord and a heart for children that is so evident.  It was fun getting to share the experience with each one of them, and I miss teaching with them already!   

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